Challenge DUNGEON RPG is a completely free dungeon exploration medieval fantasy TRPG for first-time players.

(1) Comes with a replay section featuring the transcripts of a real game session!
Learn how to play the fun way.

(2) Easy to play as your first TRPG!
A dungeon-based TRPG for 4 to 7 players to get together and play!
We have packed the essence of what makes TRPGs fun into a single book.

(3) Easy to read, easy to understand, and beautifully illustrated with over 100 illustrations!
User-friendly features include handy bookmarks, an index and streamlined rules with clear and simple flowcharts.

(4) Enjoy the world of fantasy RPGs!
Full of classic TRPG elements such as class change, armor enhancement, synthesis, etc.

(5) Easy game mastering as a moderator!
Enemies and traps are summarized in the form of cards for easy reference.
Photocopiable dungeon sheets help you instantly be ready to play.

(6) Introduction of research by Dr. Kohei Kato(Tokyo Gakugei University)!
Also presented at Knutpunkt, an international conference on LARP and TRPG.
Dr. Kato is a researcher in communication support and leisure support for children with ASD and has presented his research on TRPG in and out of Japan.

(7) Random dungeon rules that require no additional data or preparation!

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